How to make your essay the best?

June 23, 2019
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An essay is a literary prosaic genre that stands out:

Small volume

Free content


Impressions of the author

The key factor is free content. This means that the author has a free hand in terms of the presentation of information and its structure. However, almost every essay competition has a rigid framework of limitations – the amount of text. That is why it is not enough to have thoughts on the topic, they also need to be correctly represented, having complied with the given limit.

However, first things first. So what can increase the chances of to be your essay the best:

1. Original idea

The original idea is about 75% success. This is the main thing on which to bet. If we imagine that several ideal essays will be put up for the competition, in the end, the one whose idea most “hooks” the jury will win. That is why the development of the idea should be given special attention.

2. The logical structure of the essay

The structure of the essay can be very diverse, but try to be logical and consistent. It is up to you to use the principle of an “inverted pyramid” or not, but try to make the meaning of the text “unfold” before the reader smoothly, without sudden jumps from one thought to another, and then to the third.

3. Answers to questions

For all, an essay contest is an opportunity to present your thoughts as text before the jury. But the human mind is so arranged that thoughts are most often represented as questions. “What will happen if …?”, “Why can’t we …?”, “How long will it continue …?”.

Unanswered questions are ethereal. Let’s put ourselves in the jury of the competition. You are reading someone else’s text in which a mass of abstract questions is unanswered. Moreover, you have far from one and not two texts. To think about each of them is a thankless task. Moreover, thinking about the question, you cannot follow the main idea further in the text. As a result, much more time and effort are spent.

And now let’s imagine that instead of some incorporeal questions we also have answers to these questions. In this case, the jury member can evaluate not so much a question as a question-answer bundle, her thought, her originality and depth. Question and answer are like “Yin” and “Yang”, which are incomplete without each other.

That is why try to give answers to the questions in the essay, justifying them, if necessary.